Guida TORINO DOC 2012-2013




Our Pinerolese Barbera DOC “Merenda Con Corvi” 2007 has been selected and is present on the issue of “TORINO DOC 2012-2013″.


With the fourth edition of “TORINO DOC” the Chamber of Commerce of Torino invites you to discover the quality of 41 companies and 120 wines. Renewed and new insights, guidance serves traditional and novelty of QR codes.


TORINO DOC promotes viticulture of quality, and in particular the wines that pass the wine selection organized every two years by the Chamber. Founded in 2006, over the years has garnered the appreciation of experts and enthusiasts in Italy and abroad, as to be used as a teaching tool: “TORINO DOC” it tells the rich territory of the province in wine, DOCG Erbaluce Calumet, the 6 DOC Turin (Carema, Canavese, Freisa di Chieri, Collina Torinese, Pinerolo, Valsusa) with a total supply of 33 types of wines, wine tourism also describing the paths of the Royal Road of wine Turin.